Frends With Benefits is LIVE…

Frends With Benefits, the official Pro Discount Program for Frends Beauty Supply and Stilazzi is LIVE! A Frends With Benefits account enables a beauty professional to save up to 40% when shopping with Frends Beauty Supply and Stilazzi, and includes a host of other benefits that most other professional discount programs do not address.

Joining the Frends With Benefits program is easy, simply visit and click on the registration link. Then follow the simple instructions to provide proof of eligibility. Upon receipt of proof, your account will normally activate within two business days.

Frends With Benefits members are automatically entered into drawings, contests, and giveaways. They are eligible to receive birthday gifts, first access to new products and product lines, invitations to Frends events, and more. The program offers in store or easy online ordering.

Become a Frend With Benefits today. CLICK HERE and follow the simple instructions, and save a ton of money in 2012 and beyond!


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