To Be or not to be?

To Be or not to be?
When I was a student in college studying Theater, Bound and determined to be a actor, Make-up seemed to sneak in through the back door and give me the bug. All of you fellow artists know what I am talking about. That day when being a make-up artist made it to the top of your to-be list.

When I look back today and I think of how exciting it was to be a student of this ever growing profession. So much to learn so many avenues to explore. Somehow I wanted to be a master of all, and of course I wanted it tomorrow.

I still use that energy today 15 years later. I try to keep a positive attitude about how much I have learned but also try to keep the excitement of the student. I am always eager to learn and grow with our ever-changing

At this point I feel it is important for all of us who have been around for a bit to help those who are students. I always admired Dick Smith’s philosophy of sharing knowledge and help make the next generation of make-up artists that much better.

come and check out our contribution to the make-up community

Please join our youtube site to see weekly updates and tutorials. Leave us feedback on what you would like to learn.

-Christopher Mills


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