Tradeshow: Aftermath…

The tradeshow aftermath is always peculiar to me. Especially when the trade show takes me overseas. It’s a shock to the system, and coming back is always a challenge. And not just because of the obvious — you miss all of the fun and freedom you have running around in foreign lands — but because you come back and try to reinsert yourself into a machine that never stopped running while you were gone.

Responding to hundreds of emails on a tablet is only fun for about five minutes. Then you start to scan through and look for the ones that absolutely NEED an immediate response, and allow your auto-responder to do the work on the rest. Then once you get back to the office…it’s two full days of email response. Ouch!

But it’s totally worth it, because of the relationships you create. I’ve never left a trade show not having met a lot of great people with whom I’ve kept in contact with professionally, personally, or a mix of both. We were very fortunate to work with our new friend, makeup artist Mariam Jensen ( She’s an LA native living in London, and her assistance to us during the show was absolutely priceless. Additionally, it was great to finally meet in person our first Stilazzi retailer in the UK, Julie of The crew at Guru Makeup Emporium (, Niki & Aine…had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, every time we came into their booth to steal their champagne. We owe you guys one (or I guess a few bottles, right?). And Katy (, you rock! No excuses next time, we’re kidnapping you and your boyfriend and we’re all going to drink and party next time we come to London! As they say, sleep is the cousin of death and life is for the living! Marathons are boring anyway…*yawn*

Additionally, we met some really awesome show attendees and bloggers. It’s always a pleasure running into our friend Koren ( Dude you are a character and we love you, thanks so much for the Hello Kitty roll, our attorney is in love with it. And Paul…I don’t know your last name but you have blond hair and you kept coming back for more Stilazzi stuff…you rock, looking forward to seeing you again next time around! Kenneth Soh ( thanks for stopping by our booth. Wish I could have had more time to chat with you but we were slammed! Looking forward to seeing what kind of things we can do together! Alicia of The Professionals (, I owe you a drink. No, a bunch of drinks. You’re my new best friend. Oh and not to forget…our neighbors from Velour Lashes ( Hahaha! =) And Andrea from Maske Berlin (, it’s ALWAYS a pleasure. =)

Anyone who I’ve not mentioned…it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s because my brain is still in transition between it’s former zombie-like stage back into reality. Sorry! Much love to all of you, and here’s to next time!


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