Text message flash sales are coming…

These days, most people have unlimited voice, data, and text plans because it just makes sense. We find ourselves conducting at least half of our business from a smart phone or a tablet, so it just makes sense that we would leverage this medium to deliver money saving sales to our customer base. That said, we’ve been collecting text numbers from customers who have opted into receiving these sales for the last few months. Later on this month, we will likely be launching the new sales platform.

In short…for those of you who have given us the green light, we will probably text you twice each month to notify you of one-day sales opportunities on a hidden page in the Frends website. The site has been optimized for smart phones so that you can grab your products from them. No need for a computer. When the program is formally launched we will notify you here on the social networks, and we will also send you a text message if you have opted in, giving you an opportunity to opt in a second time. Once you do, as these sales occur you will be among a small number of people to be notified.

We will NOT spam you, nor will we text you three hundred and seventy five trillion times per month. We’ll text you two, maybe three times per month when we have sales. And we’ll do it during business hours…unlike your crazy ex who texts you at 2:57am to tell you they miss you.

Want to be a part of the club? CLICK HERE


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