More ways to save, are coming…

So check it out…we met last night over sushi (you’re jealous) to discuss some projects that we’re all working on. The theme that was a constant, was ways for our customers to save money shopping at Frends. I know I have your attention now…

We decided on a new sales format. Starting soon, every week, two super popular and in high demand products (and in some cases, the entire product line) will be on sale for ridiculously low prices. Prices so low that we’ll probably get in trouble for selling them so low but whatever, it wouldn’t be our first tango with ‘the man’. The sales will be on the site and in the store. We’ll also have 25% – 40% off STOREWIDE one-day sales.

Why, you ask? Because we love when all of the beautiful girls come into the store. Oh, and we also like seeing people smile. And saving money, especially in this shi…bad economy, is always a GREAT thing. And saving money makes people smile. When people smile, we smile, and we have superb teeth and like to show them off a lot. So come in, save LOTS of money, and check out our teeth.


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