Busy week!

So many things to do, so little time…the story of my life it seems.

The Makeup Show is coming to Los Angeles this weekend. It is the largest pro-only event for makeup artists in Los Angeles, and should certainly be filed in  the [CAN’T MISS] file. If you plan to attend, please make sure to drop by booth 3016 and say hi to us! While you are here, make sure you also join our SMS text list to be notified of in store and online sales. Additionally, we also send out secret promo codes to sales exclusive to our SMS list. We’ll have plenty of Stilazzi products on sale at the booth so we look forward to seeing you!

As for Stilazzi, the brand is growing by leaps and bounds. You will now find Stilazzi in retail beauty supply shops in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia! Right now we are working on a Stilazzi site overhaul to provide you with a better user experience. Once complete, we will also be doing the same to the Frends site, and we have some really cool, informative and valuable features we will be adding to it as well to make your experience better!

As always, we appreciate your business. Your ideas are the inspiration for all of the new and cool things we are doing. We love to hear your opinions, so if you want to share them you can do it here, on our Facebook page, on our Twitter page, or you can email me at busdev@frendsbeauty.com. Much love!


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