No, not the married kind. The customer service kind. The transparency kind. Customer engagement is why we have become SO active on the blog, the Facebooks, the Twitters, the LinkedIn, and the Interwebz in general.

Looking around, we’re not seeing too many beauty supply companies (or simply…companies in general) who are extending a direct avenue of engagement with it’s customers. While we’re not doing anything groundbreaking here, we are doing something different than most. And we’re doing it with our own personality, not some stuffy boring corporate snobby uppity ‘look at how smart we are’ delivery. We’re doing it the same way we would face to face in the shop, or on the phone.

We’ve realized a few things about this business — people are generally happy (and so are we!), people generally like to laugh (so do we!), and people expect their experience with us to be almost flawless, and almost perfect (as do we!). So we aim to make people happy, make them smile, and give them the kind of service they expect. Sometimes we falter in one of those categories but we always try our best to nail all three and fortunately, our track record for doing so is so far really, really great.

So these social networking and media platforms are here for YOU to engage with us. Tell us what makes you happy, what makes you laugh, and what you expect out of your beauty buying experience so we can always give you what you want, and what you need. It’s NOT about the bottom line (the money) with us. It’s about meeting and exceeding your expectations…and naturally, that will lead to the bottom line. But our focus has to be on making you happy, because if we do that, we’ve succeeded.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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