The Makeup Show LA 2012 Wrap Up!

Hey party people, hope you had a fantastic weekend! Those of you who stopped by on Saturday and Sunday at The Makeup Show Los Angeles, thanks so much! It’s always a pleasure seeing old and new friends!

The show was a success for us even though it caught us right in the middle of a tradeshow booth redesign. By the next time around we hope to have our booth fully designed and rolled out. But still, as it has been in the past few shows, the Stilazzi line was a hit!

One thing that I am particularly excited about is the reception that Stilazzi makeup brushes keeps getting. The Stilazzi brush line is designed to be a higher end brush line in terms of quality and value, with a medium pricing level. Essentially…the line offers you more for your money. We’ve got high hopes for them and think that they will take the makeup world by storm!

PS: If you have not yet had the chance to use the brushes, email me at and ask for a discount coupon, and I will email you one just so you can try them out! Because I’m nice like that…


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