ALL NEW Frends Beauty Supply website is coming…

We’ve hired one of the world’s BEST programmers and web designers (see below) to completely rebuild the Frends Beauty Supply website from the ground up.

The new site will be like no other beauty shopping website you have experienced. Unlike others, we’re not taking a cookie cutter template and making a few aesthetic changes so we can call it our own, and presenting it to you. There will be no copying of competitors websites with barely as much as a logo change. No.

The site, from the ground up, will be built completely custom. This affords us the ability to customize the functionality and create a new destination for beauty buyers unlike any other. It will offer a feature rich, yet simple buying experience where peer reviews will be prevalent among all products so you can be sure that what you are buying, is a great product! We have so many ideas of features that we want to include and we would LOVE to hear your opinions!

Tell us…what are some things you LOVE and HATE when shopping on websites? What are some features that make your buying experience fun and easy? What would you love to see more of, or less of? Tell us here, on our Facebook page, or email us! Our main goal is to create the best shopping experience for you!


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