So then she talked me into getting a facial…

…lol, whuuut?

Gloria, our Dermalogica rep just came through and talked us into getting facials. And by us, I mean, the guys. We’re not going to lie…the guys here at Frends Beauty Supply are pretty much a ragtag group of dudes who do things like jump out of airplanes, rappel off of buildings, skateboard, snowboard, run through canyons, race cars and motorcycles, etc. We’re not the first group of guys you’d think of who get facials.

But, we also can’t say no to a lady. So…me (Matt) and at least one other victim guy here are going to get facials courtesy of Dermalogica. And to make it funny, we’ll photo-document the whole process and blog about it so our embarrassment, for the good of our clients, can live on for eternity in cyberspace. We’ve been told that it is something men should consider doing but the “I’m too manly for this” attitude prevails all to often. That said, I am too manly to do this, but I’m so manly that I’m not afraid to do it…so apparently, I will.


PS: I wish someone warned me to put Google image search on Strict safety before googling ‘man facial’ for an image to use in this blog. =(


2 comments on “So then she talked me into getting a facial…

  1. As an Esthetician, who has done facials for many men, (keep it clean now) I can attest to the pure relaxation one feels at the tips of my fingers. Hope you all enjoyed the experience!

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