Frends With Benefits

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t…but Frends With Benefits is the official professional discount program at Frends Beauty. Since we began the program several months back, more than 700 beauty industry professionals have joined the program and benefited from the additional discounts it offers those who use these products for business purposes.

Here are some facts about the program that you might not know:

  • The Frends With Benefits professional discount program is not only available to working professionals, but it is also available to beauty students across many study disciplines. We offer these students the same discounts that pros are entitled to.
  • Discounts are offered between 20% – 40% off of retail prices. Not all products are discountable however, for numerous reasons, but the vast majority of what we have to offer especially on the beauty side will benefit from the discounts.
  • You can shop securely online at 24/7/365 and we offer next day shipping if you need your products FAST!
  • In addition to the discounts, our Frends With Benefits are also entered into random drawings for free products and other incentives.
  • As Frends Beauty continues to grow, our Frends With Benefits will be entitled to discounted admission to Frends events and classes.
  • Frends With Benefits isn’t just for professionals and students! When our new website which is currently being built is launched, even non-pro’s who join the site and our mailing list will be entitled to a Frends With Benefits Lite program, which will give them discounts up to 10% off 24/7/365!

There are many more that we can list here, and as the program matures we are sure new incentives will also be added. Our goal is to evolve this program into the premier professional discount program offered by a company like ours. If you have ideas on how we can make this the most beneficial program to you and your business, we would love to hear from you!


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