August Inspired Makeup and Free Smashbox Products

August is hot and it is also the harbinger of fall. So its a good idea to stay in that flow of nature for natural looks. Try this combination.

Smashbox is holding an event until August 11, where they are giving away free makeup with each purchase. This includes my favorite product, the Pout Perfector. They are also giving away lip exofoliants, dual action lip pencils and anti shine. Get em fast, they are being discontinued and this is how they are clearing them.

Start with some Smashbox anti shine on the T zone. This will keep the skin looking fresh all day and control oil.

Then, use a dusting of Smashbox Halo Yellow correcting powder with no foundation. Leave the skin exposed and natural, but use the color correcting powder to even the skin tone. A little bit goes a long way.

Next, use a Lise Watier concealer pallette to do any touch ups, such as under eye.

Next, fill in the brows with some powder eyeshadow in a matching color. For most women who are brunette, something like MAC expresso works, for blondes, MAC shroom works, for redheads, I suggest using expresso. Notice that we use no eyeshadow in this look, nor do we use mascara. Its about sheer natural perfection.

Now we dust a very light coating of bronzer on the cheeks, where you would normally use blush.

Finish the look with a waterproof brown pencil eyeliner on the upper lash only.

Now add the ONE color element for the season, a coral lip gloss or lipstick. Melondraman by Smashbox works great. Complete the lips by using a some soft white pencil on the cupid’s bow and a applying some to the middle part of the lips. Smashbox Pout Perfector is FREE now with any Smashbox purchase, this is designed to do just that. Using a lip exofoliant first will make those lips just rock.

So here are some great ways to get a Smashbox inspired look along with some of your favorite products. Go very natural, and let your lips do the talking!


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