Product Review: Tara Orekelewa Twist-up Black Pencil

A few years ago, Tara Orekelewa makeup line just had a regular black eye pencil which I rarely used because it was hard and you had to swipe it across the desired area several times to deposit the product which ended up making the eyes water especially when using in the waterline.

However, last year they came out with a new Tara pencil which I am absolutely in love with.

It is a twist-up black pencil liner.

It glides along the waterline beautifully and reminds me of kajal whenever I have it on. I use it as my go-to black pencil for flicked liner, upper liner, waterline, dark sticky base for eyeshadows and even the occasional smokey eye.

Check out the flicked smokey eye look I achieved using this pencil

The formulation is beautiful as it is creamy and can be blended out with ease. It is a very black liner and (knowing how much I detest sharpening my pencils, lol) I am super glad that it is a twist-up liner.


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