Did you click through from Facebook?

If you did, I love you, seriously…because that was embarrassing.

Anyway, we’re having a BIG End of the World Sale here at Frends Beauty on Saturday, 12/15. Doors open at 9am and close at 6pm, and any time in between you should be here saving 10% – 60% on almost everything in the store.

Too far away to drive in? No worries, I (Matt) will take your order by email that Saturday. It might take me a few days to get back to you due to sheer volume of orders but email me the list of products you need and the address they need to be shipped to at busdev@frendsbeauty.com, and I will honor the sale price on the items so long as the initial email is received on Saturday.

Now I am going to go drink whiskey and lift some weights after singing that Facebook post out in my head to make sure it flowed well…



4 comments on “Did you click through from Facebook?

    • Hey Rachel. The sale prices will be lower than the Frends With Benefits program…between 5% – 20% lower depending widely on the product. If you email me a list of products you need and at least your shipping zip code, I will provide a quote with shipping, along with a credit card authorization form. You can then scan and email, or fax that in, and we’ll go ahead and shoot the products your way. =)

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