Frends Beauty 2012 Year in Review

As 2012 fades into history, we look back at the progress we’ve made over the year. Our Frends With Benefits program has made quite significant strides, enrolling well over 1,500 professional makeup artists. Our social media impact has grown over 500% across numerous key platforms. And our little in-house brand Stilazzi, which we created in 2009, picked up over 30 stocking retailers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

We also learned a lot about how our customers enjoy doing business with us. There are two schools of thought when it comes to this. 1. Be corporate, or 2. be yourself. We chose to be ourselves. And the response has been wonderful. We deliver a consistently good product and service, but 2012 was the year we began to do it as Brian, Paul, Matt, John, George, Erick, Louie, Brandon, Will, Michael, Albert, Maggie, Brielle, Jamal, Christina, Carla, Anita, Madi, Eva, and the other 3896289436 people here.

Frankly none of us were ever a fan of acting like we were more important than we actually are and while we never did…in business there is always an impetus to put on a front, say “yes ma’am” and “no sir”, etc. In our experience as consumers, we’re never really comfortable when businesses we work with act that way toward us so why would we act that way toward our customers. That said…when you come in, you get a handshake, a high five, or a hug. Sometimes you get all three. We think that shows a higher and truer level of respect toward you than trying to act like a retail robot. Nobody likes retail robots.

human-evolutionIn our evolution, we’re about 50% of where we plan to be by the end of 2013. Naturally we won’t divulge all of our plans because loose lips sink ships and imitation it turns out is NOT the sincerest form of flattery, but suffice to say we have some really big things planned for the new year. Really, big, things. It’s already common knowledge that we have a new location (literally 3 inches from our current location) opening up more than doubling our size, and we have a beautiful, user friendly new website coming. But that’s not all. So please stay tuned to Frends Beauty as we roll into 2013 and be a part of the fun, the family, the party (of course), and the evolution of our brand.

To everyone we worked with, and did business with in 2012…thank you. Thank you for your love, your business, your support, and your trust in us to deliver a product and service that you can rely on. Without you…well, we’d be nothing. Thank you.


The Team @ Frends Beauty

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