Freelance Makeup Business 101 (v3.0)



So far I’ve talked about how makeup artists can book more jobs by responding to inbound inquiries faster, and also present a better and more professional initial impression by fixing their website URL. Today we are going to talk about the initial phone call or meeting. I’ll make it known that I am not a makeup artist. I’m a business guy who started out in sales before I took over sales, marketing, and business development at Frends Beauty. I could not apply eyeliner without making someone painfully blind, but I could sell a hamburger to a vegan…please believe.

That said, there are some very simple things that you can do to help you book more business when you are having that initial interview with a potential makeup client.

The first one, is to make sure you come prepared. Pretend you are having an interview for a Network Engineer positon at a Fortune 500 company. Before your interview, what are some things you are going to do? If you want the job, I bet you’re going to do a lot of research on that company. Understand its history, know its products, and memorize the FAQ’s. You’ll likely need to demonstrate that you have some basic knowledge about the company, during your interview. You’ll need to understand some of their challenges and be prepared to show how you can fix them. This is also applicable with prospective makeup clients. While you can Google all of the information you’ll need to know about every company in existence…it’s a little different for your prospects. So when you have your initial phone call, just ask. It’s that easy…

– “What celebrity do you look most like?”
– “What celebrity style do you most want to emulate for your event?”
– “Do you have any products, brands, colors, etc. in mind already or would you like me to bring suggestions?”
– “Have you ever had any negative skin reactions to any products?”
– “Have you ever hired a makeup artist before?”
– “Would you mind emailing me a picture of your face, or linking me to your Facebook page?”

There are plenty of questions that you could ask, and frankly, you SHOULD ask. Never walk into any situation where you need to sell your services blindly. When you ask questions, your prospects responses are most literally things that you need to demonstrate to them, to close the deal. Period. Not a lot of people understand this simple fact. Every answer that you receive, is exactly what you need to present a solution for, when you meet. We call these Pain Points. In plain English, the process is this simple:

– Makeup Artist: “What are your pain points?”
– Prospect: “These are my pain points, ___, ___, and ___.”
– Makeup Artist: “Here is exactly how I will solve your paint points – ___, ___, and ___.”
– Prospect: “You’re hired!”

By going into your first actual meeting with them with background information and solutions, you’re setting yourself up to win. But there is more that you can do. The majority of selling is not actually selling. Shut up, and listen. That’s the majority of selling. And when you talk, it’s not talking about a bunch of random and unrelated crap that YOU think is interesting and relevant. This is something that most people don’t like to acknowledge. What is awesome, super rad, and incredibly important to you…likely means absolutely nothing to your prospect and the more you talk, the more they slip away. Seriously. It’s presenting your solution to their paint point. Period. Most people don’t care about your past accomplishments, who you have worked for, what awards you have won…all of that stuff is ancient history. All they care about is…


And since you’ve already asked them what their pain points are, you’re coming into the first meeting with them with solutions. So you can demonstrate that YES…you CAN fix their pain point. And nothing more. Once you show that you can provide them with what they told you they need…shut it. Zip it. Stop talking. So while all of the other makeup artists who they are talking to, are busy talking about themselves, you are busy winning their business because YOU are the person with the solution and you’re not wasting their time. You’re also not wasting your time and your makeup kit testing a bunch of things they’re unhappy with.

When you show up to your initial meeting or test application PREPARED, and knowledgeable about what your prospect is looking for, you are demonstrating VALUE. And when you demonstrate value, you’re lessening the chance of hearing the most annoying thing in the world: “Well, I mean, you did a good job but I didn’t really prepare a budget for what you’re asking. Is there any way we can cut your price in half?”

There are a lot of things to talk about, and they’ll be coming soon in the next few Freelance Makeup Business 101 posts! So stay tuned…


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