Freelance Makeup Business 101 (v2.0)



Like my last blog about the best way to book more jobs as a freelance MUA, I was inspired to write this post based on observations I have made with a lot of makeup artists, and their business websites. Please understand I bring these points up to be helpful and in no way disrespectful toward you if you are a part of the group I am discussing. My hope is that I am bringing to light something that you simply overlooked. And by doing so, help you fix it, and of course get more business.

So let’s talk about websites. There are dozens of reputable companies who sell or lease / host website templates that make it easy for anyone with even a freshman knowledge of the web to put together a “decent” website. Some fall below that standard…but you can’t win them all. Most websites that exist today are built off of platforms like these.

Many of these companies that offer templatized websites also offer the ability to buy custom URL’s and very easily attach them. Thus…the reason for this post. Lately I have noticed far, far too many makeup artists who create these sites, using the URL that the website company automatically assigns. So rather than something like, it shows as The latter is very unprofessional and really works against you. Like many other facets of life, in business you only have one chance to make a first impression. And when you give someone a business card with a wonky URL for your business website…you’re immediately degrading the value of your brand.

If you have even a beginner level understanding of the web it should still be rather easy to purchase your URL and make it live. If you have trouble, contact the company with whom you set up your site and ask them for assistance in purchasing your URL. I am sure they would be happy to help. Then upgrade all of your links and business card and present yourself in a more professional manner. You WILL earn more business that way, I promise.


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