Bdellium Tools at Frends Beauty

Bdellium Tools

Ask an artist what she deems to be most important when it comes time to putting her imagination on the canvas – she will likely tell you it’s the brushes. Sure, the type of paint being used can help, but it is the brush that delivers the strokes of genius that flow from mind’s eye to canvas. You then have to wonder why the answer would be any different if you asked the same question of a makeup artist. Look in the kit of any makeup professional and you will see a large collection of brushes, each of which has a very specific purpose.

Look a little deeper into that collection and you may well find that the brushes are all made by Bdellium Tools. You might be wondering why that particular brand of brush is the choice for so many makeup pros. The fact is that each and every brush from Bdellium Tools is made by hand. It is a painstaking process that pays dividends when you see the finished piece. Each brush is a work of art, which is why artists feel it is the best option for them.

The design process for the brushes begins in Cerritos, California, where a number of brush experts come up with the ideas for each product. Those designs are then sent to China, where each piece is painstakingly put together by skilled artisans who take the art of brush making to a new level. A combination of natural and synthetic hair is used to strike a perfect balance that allows the makeup artist to deliver just the right amount of product each and every time.

With such a laborious process used to create each brush, you would probably imagine that each one would cost a small fortune. Take a look at the Bdellium Tools brush collection here at Frends Beauty and you will see that nothing could actually be further from the truth. You could very easily build up a stunning collection of Bdellium Tools brushes for a rather minor investment, safe in the knowledge that you are using the tools that the pros do, and that what you just purchased will most definitely stand the test of time.

Yes, you can go out to your local beauty shop and pick up brushes for less than what you pay for a collection from Bdellium Tools, but this is very much a case of getting what you pay for. If you are serious about applying makeup in a way that makes you look your best each and every time, you need to be serious about the tools that you buy to get the job done. Just as an artist wouldn’t buy cheap brushes when he is ready to create a masterpiece, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of buying lesser brushes just because they might save you a little bit of money in the short term.


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