Ben Nye Makeup at Frends Beauty

One of the most magical things about the movies is the ability to be able to look at all of the incredible stuff happening on the big screen and believe that it’s real. This is done by a combination of great acting, direction, special effects, and make-up, all of which come together to deliver an incredible experience to the audience. The one thing that seldom gets discussed from the items mentioned in that list is the make-up, but it is an integral part of getting the characters to look just right. Getting the make-up wrong can lead to you being pulled out of the believability of what you are watching.

If you were to ask the average make-up artist working in film and theater today what was in their professional kit, you would likely hear quite a few mention the name of Ben Nye. That is because there are few other brands that can match the quality delivered by Ben Nye makeup, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise when you consider that the founder was one of the leading names in the industry back in the day. Ben Nye plied his trade at a time when computer generated effects were still decades away, and when make-up was more necessary than ever to paint the character on screen.

Ben Nye was a successful Hollywood make-up artist for four decades, working on countless major box office smashes – The Fly, Planet of the Apes, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – during that time. When he stepped away from the business in 1967, he decided that he should pass on his secrets somewhat by starting his own theatrical make-up line. To say that the products were successful was putting it mildly, as the Ben Nye makeup line very quickly became a global success, as it still remains today.

One of the great things about the Ben Nye makeup line is that it is incredibly affordable for the quality that you get. So much so, in fact, that smaller theater groups and even Halloween partygoers, are able to take advantage of the magnificent products without blowing the budget. Part of this may be due to the fact that it is still the Nye family that is in charge of the operation, with Ben’s son Dana now the man at the helm of the company. The quality of each and every product, from spirit gum to stage blood, and all the way up to professional make-up kits, remains at the high standard you would expect from a name as renowned in the business as Ben Nye.

If you would like to get a look at the full range of  Ben Nye products currently available, which is over 1000 pieces in size, you need to stop by Frends Beauty official website. They carry the full range of products, and all at prices that are impossible to beat. It is the goal of Frends to offer nothing but the best products in the industry, which is exactly what you get with the Ben Nye makeup line.


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