Kryolan at Frends Beauty

The TV shows, movies, and theater productions we watch today have changed dramatically since the curtains first went up and the cameras started rolling. Like every industry, technology has propelled it forward at an incredible rate, forcing the supporting businesses to adapt in order to survive. It is this ability to adapt, evolve, and deliver fresh new products that has allowed Kryolan to remain a leading professional makeup provider for over 60 years.

If Kryolan were cast in a movie, they would most certainly be the genius scientist who is constantly at work in the lab creating the chemical that would save the world. While the stakes certainly aren’t as high when it comes to makeup,  Kryolan is keenly aware that this is a competitive business where only the strong survive. To that end, they employ a number of chemists whose passion is creating products that can stand up to the demands of stage and film, and still be safe for the actors who wear it for hours on end.

Their commitment to innovation and outstanding quality has allowed  Kryolan to develop more than 16,000 products that are available in just about every color you could imagine. Their professional makeup is rugged and durable, yet displays a soft exterior that allows the beauty of the wearer to shine through when they stand before an audience. At the top of the list for many makeup artists is Kryolan‘s  AquaColor line of products. Perfect for face and body, these and are made to have the same long-lasting power while still being incredibly gentle on the skin. Dermatologists the world over have given their stamp of approval on the products  Kryolan delivers to the industry.

Besides the standard line of AquaColor products, Kryolan has a special UV-Dayglow line that falls under the AquaColor umbrella. These bright colors are absolutely astonishing to behold, yet are incredibly simple to apply and remove. No mess, no smudges, no fuss, just great looking makeup that goes above and beyond the industry standards. For an even greater selection of color, Kryolan makes AquaColor palettes that hold 6, 12, or 24 different colors, allowing makeup artists to unleash a higher level of creativity with their clients.

While AquaColor and UV-Dayglow are two choices, there are thousands of other  Kryolan products available. The popularity of the Kryolan brand means that finding those products is easy, but you are unlikely to find a bigger selection or better price than what is available at the Frends Beauty Supply website. They have an incredible number of Kryolan  products in stock at any given time, and are the place to shop whether you are looking to fill your professional makeup kit for the first time or simply need to replenish your stock of professional Kryolan products.


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