Make Up For Ever at Frends Beauty


There has long been a feeling that art and makeup are joined at the hip when looked at on a professional level. If ever there was proof of this, you need only look at the career of Dany Sanz, who went from fine art to makeup literally overnight. Dany, a former fine art student, was launched into the world of beauty when friends asked her to do the makeup for a play that they were performing in. She quickly realized that her art background was the perfect experience needed for taking some risks in the makeup world. Her creativity shone through in everything that she touched, to the point where she became one of the most in demand makeup artists in the business.

Dany could very well have made a great living doing just that, but she has always possessed a keen eye for color and innovation. She felt that the products at her disposal could be better, brighter, and bolder, which is why she set about launching her own line back in 1984. That was the year that MAKE UP FOR EVER was born, and there has been no looking back ever since.

Much of the work that Dany was doing back at that time was taking place in Paris, so it was no real surprise that her first makeup boutique would open in that most beautiful of cities. The original store is still there today, which is proof positive that the MAKE UP FOR EVER line is one that is adored by many. The success of the line was such that demand soon spread beyond the French borders. It was in 1995 that MAKE UP FOR EVER finally landed in the United States, with the flagship store opening in New York City.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the MAKE UP FOR EVER line is now such a global success, as Dany has always been one to look for ways to perfect her craft. Rather than keep her ideas to herself, Dany also started a professional makeup school, where she taught students as she worked on the formulas that would one day become the stuff of legend. You see, even before the line was created in the early 80’s, years of work had gone into making each product the best that it could possibly be.

The great news for anyone looking to experience the HD wonder that is the MAKE UP FOR EVER lineup is that you don’t have to travel across the world to get your hands on it. Here at Frends Beauty, we have an incredible collection of MAKE UP FOR EVER products that will allow you a glimpse into the creative, artistic mind that is Dany Sanz.


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