Mehron at Frends Beauty

At Frends Beauty Supply, we pride ourselves in carrying high quality products that have evolved over time to meet the modern demands of stage and film production. That almost always means partnering with companies that have been in the business for the long haul, which is definitely something that can be said for Mehron Makeup. For more than 80 years, Mehron has been a leader in the professional makeup industry, but their stature now somewhat belies their humble beginnings.

When Mehron started back in 1927, the company was based in small loft off Broadway, smack-bang in the middle of the bustling New York Theater District. The initial lineup consisted of little more than rouge and pomade, but the quality of the products kept all the major players in the thriving theater industry coming back for more. That allowed the company to grow and create new product lines that would extend beyond the performing arts community into film, even the circus. Yes, Mehron Makeup is often what you see on the smiling faces of the clowns that entertain the kids under the big top.

Over the years, Mehron has expanded beyond the stage and studio to create new beauty products with same qualities you would expect from such an iconic brand. That said, they have not abandoned the theatrical side of their business, with sales from those products accounting for almost 20% of all business. Their lineup now contains over 1,200 different items, many of which are used all over the world for film and stage. Currently Mehron sells their products in 25 countries, but you don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth in order to get your hands on these superb products.

Frends Beauty Supply carries a wide selection of Mehron products that are a “must have” for anyone working in the world of entertainment makeup. You can start with small items like 3D Gel, to get a feel for the quality this company delivers. Once you experience what Mehron has to offer, try their full color palettes for the lips, eyes, cheeks, and body. Mehron makes all of their products durable and long-lasting to stand up to the glare of the spotlight and the heat from the human body. If you need makeup that will hold up through an entire day of shooting or performing, Mehron is the brand for you.


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