Skin Illustrator at Frends Beauty

Artists come in all different styles, with those that apply makeup very much considered part of the artistic mix. This is especially true in stage and film, where a great makeup job can transform the actor into a completely different character that is barely recognizable from their true self. Ordinary cosmetics that you would find on the shelf of your local beauty shop or pharmacy simply don’t have the strength or staying power to last under the harsh glare of stage lights, which is why professional makeup is required for these types of jobs.

That is what we specialize in here at Frends Beauty, with one of our most popular lines being the palettes offered by Skin Illustrator. Each of their color palettes comes with 10 different colors, with each set designed for a specific style of makeup effect. We thought it might be fun to give you an insight into a few of those palettes and what they are used for.

The Fleshtone Palette by Skin Illustrator is pretty much as the name suggests: a selection of colors that are used to match the hues of different skin tones. Another use that this particular palette has in film work is the creation of bruising that needs to look as real as possible when the camera is working up close. The viewer has to be able to believe that the bruises on display look real and might actually be painful.

Bruises are just, pardon the pun, scratching the surface of the physical damage that have to frequently be displayed on screen. For more dramatic looking cuts, burns, and the like, you might consider the FX palette. One of the most effective colors in this little group is one called Blood Tone, which is now commonly used by makeup artists in a number of different productions.

One of the biggest problems faced by makeup artists in stage and film is blending colors so that latex masks or prosthetics look like they are a natural part of the body. The Alchemy palette from Skin Illustrator is an essential part of any professional makeup kit, as it contains the colors that will perform that blending job perfectly. Let’s face it; nothing takes the audience out of a movie more than seeing a line where the mask or wig meets the actual skin of the actor. This color palette ensures that will never be visible.

Those are just a few of the many Skin Illustrator palettes available here at Frends Beauty, with a host of other items from this great company also in our inventory. If you are looking for an affordable collection of color palettes that do a large variety of film and theater makeup chores, this may well be the collection for you. As always, you will find that our pricing is more than just a little competitive.


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