Freelance Makeup Business 101 (v8.0)


This post will be short and sweet. You should be blogging, on your freelance makeup website, for several reasons. Blogging is one of the #1 ways to keep fresh, new, relevant content on your website. This is extremely important when it comes to Google rankings. Search engine algorithms routinely rate content freshness and relevancy high when choosing what to display, and where, in the rankings. Composing a static website does you no good if you are looking to capture traffic from people in your area of influence who are looking for your services, unless you are the only makeup artist in the area.

Your expectations, however, need to be realistic. Blogging on a service oriented business’s website will not automatically equal hoards of new business. Though, it will work in your favor on the search engines as mentioned before. Furthermore it will make it obvious that your business is progressing nicely when a prospect visits your website. There are millions of websites floating around in cyberspace that have not been updated in years, calling into question whether or not the businesses even exist any more. Don’t be one of them.

Take the best work that you do each week, and turn it into two or three blog posts. Talk about the products used, the type of event, etc. Merely mentioning them will work in your favor for your ranking. Include pictures as well, because they are what will sell your services best. Be sure to ask your client if it is ok, first. And make sure your blog is a part of your website. If you use any of the standard template website providers out there, you should be able to activate the blog feature at no extra cost, if you have not already.

Start thinking about your blog. If you suffer from writers block like I do, it helps to write out some major themes that you want to follow, then break them down by different subjects under those themes. Usually when you have a set of things to constantly write about, it is easier to get started. If you have any more questions about blogging for your freelance makeup business, feel free to ask them below!

Until next time!


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