Chroma Studio at Frends Beauty

Q:  I love the way my blonde hair color looks when I first have it done but after about the 3 week mark, my blonde hair looks flat and brassy.  Is there a product I can use to keep the color looking as great as it does when I leave the salon?

A: As blonde hair color oxidizes (wears on) from when you first have it done at the salon, it’s actually blue-violet color molecules that are lost from shampooing and due to UV rays from the sun, meaning fadage. Sculpt and Tone by The Chroma Studio is a slightly tinted styling cream, which has a slight violet hue to mask the oxidation process and keep your blonde locks positively neutral, read: no brassiness here. Sculpt and Tone is a light hold styling cream which controls frizz and makes hair modern and piecey.

Q:  I love shiny hair and I go to great lengths to get it.  Is there an easy way to get it without a leave-in conditioner, a detangler and shine serum?  By the way I can’t use those amber tinted oils that you pour into your hands, because they tint my hair yellow

A: Actually there is one product which incorporates shine, detangles and it is perfectly clear.  Shine by The Chroma Studio is a light viscosity shine spray made mostly of olive oil which hydrates and detangles while bringing a lasting sheen to your hair without the weight of a heavy oil. For best results try this little trick:  spray Shine onto your natural bristle brush and follow with your blow dryer on medium heat.  Shine won’t have an off color tint to your hair color over time either, because it is clear.  There will be no oil on your left on your hands either because it sprays in a super fine mist.

Q: I love to change my hairstyle all the time.  But my hair just doesn’t hold curl no matter how much heat I use from irons.  I also feel like my hair is showing signs of heat damage.  Is there anything you recommend for hair that doesn’t hold curl and could use some protecting from all that I put it through?

A: Today’s hairstyling requires a lot of knowledge of thermal irons and appropriate protection from damage as well.  For example there is much discussion about what is the proper temperature to flat iron one’s hair.  Hair texture must be taken into consideration.  For those of you who can’t seem to get your hair to hold curl or to hold that straightening from your flat iron, for that matter. Volume Heat Protection by The Chroma Studio offers your hair dual purpose: thermal protection from heat styling and a styling spray that offers hold that won’t leave you, “stranded.” Volume Heat protection has a co-polymer base which shields your hair from damage and it comes in a bottle with a trigger sprayer that locks for travel, so it won’t spray out in your bag either.

The Chroma Studio line is a hair care line specializing and addressing the needs of professional stylists and consumers alike. Troy Zestos, hair stylist and owner of The Chroma Studio has expanded in spreading his expertise in hair color, hair cutting, and styling for the past twenty years as well as working in the entertainment industry as an active member of Local 706 for the past ten years.

Now, Troy Zestos introduces his own Line of Hair Care Products.  The Chroma Studio Aqua Shampoo and Conditioner, Volume Heat Protection, Shine Spray, Control Hairspray, Sculpt and Sculpt and Tone are available at Frends Beauty Supply. Our Products are currently being utilized on shows as,”American Horror Story”,  “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Mad Men,”  “True Blood”, Pretty Little Liars” and in the movies “Gone Girl”, the new David Fincher movie, as well as “Asthma” by Jake Hoffman, just to name a few.

The Chroma Studio Products are multi-purpose products that address the needs of dehydrated, brittle hair. The Aqua Shampoo is paraben free and restores moisture into the hair with UV protection from the suns harmful rays. The Aqua Conditioner is sulfate and paraben free and infuses body and volume into the hair while controlling frizz without weighing down the hair. Volume with thermal protection offers volume and protects the hair from heat damage when styling. Sculpt  is a soft hold styling cream that is great throughout the hair or just the ends for definition and control. Sculpt and Tone is a soft hold styling cream that is great throughout the hair or just the ends for definition and control with a toner to eliminate brassiness from oxidation. Shine, Olive Oil based spray imparts shine and works as a detangler. Be in control of your hairstyle with Control Hairspray. Adjustable nozzle for soft, medium and strong hold.

The link below will lead you to video demonstrating the benefit of each of our products and their use.

Products retail from $24.00 to $28.00 and are available at Frends Beauty. Call 818-643-3055 to order! And for the month of September, 2014, get a free The Chroma Studio Control Hairspray with the purchase of any The Chroma Studio product at Frends Beauty!


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