Product Review: Tara Orekelewa Twist-up Black Pencil

A few years ago, Tara Orekelewa makeup line just had a regular black eye pencil which I rarely used because it was hard and you had to swipe it across the desired area several times to deposit the product which ended up making the eyes water especially when using in the waterline.

However, last year they came out with a new Tara pencil which I am absolutely in love with.

It is a twist-up black pencil liner.

It glides along the waterline beautifully and reminds me of kajal whenever I have it on. I use it as my go-to black pencil for flicked liner, upper liner, waterline, dark sticky base for eyeshadows and even the occasional smokey eye.

Check out the flicked smokey eye look I achieved using this pencil

The formulation is beautiful as it is creamy and can be blended out with ease. It is a very black liner and (knowing how much I detest sharpening my pencils, lol) I am super glad that it is a twist-up liner.


Product Review: Sacred Beauty 24-well palette

Last week I received an empty palette from a Nigerian makeup brand and I am really excited about it enough to do a review on it as my first guest appearance on the Frends beauty blog.

The concept of compressing one’s kit is relatively new in Nigeria and for those of us to whom this term isn’t strange, I dare say it is an uphill task getting the right materials to make this a reality. I am however proud to say that some of the Nigerian makeup brands are taking it upon themselves to ensure that this status quo doesn’t become the norm.

Palette closed

Palette open

This Sacred Beauty 24 well palette is perfect for any crème product ie. Foundations, lipsticks, concealers, even depotted NYX jumbo pencils.

I had initially been skeptical about the handiness of this palette due to the fact that the cover is quite big and thus will be in the way when the palette is open. However, this changed when the clasp of the cover broke on my back after receiving the palette as I stumbled on a very handy method of using this palette.

The clasp breaking off transformed it into a portable well palette which is easy to carry about and hold while working (just be sure not to let it drop) and the cover which can be used as a flat palette for mixing colours.

Palette and broken cover

I am looking forward to more kit compression accessories as I and a whole lot of other Nigerian makeup artistes are eager to to compress our kits and thereby making them more portable.

Some new contributors are coming to the Frends blog…

For a while now, we’ve wanted to have some guest bloggers come onboard to blog about their experiences with products, their careers, the industry, etc. We’ve put together a small group of MUA’s spanning the career spectrum and have invited them to come in and post any time they want. Our goal is to provide our readers with more valuable content and insights from more than just one voice. So please welcome them! =)

To Be or not to be?

To Be or not to be?
When I was a student in college studying Theater, Bound and determined to be a actor, Make-up seemed to sneak in through the back door and give me the bug. All of you fellow artists know what I am talking about. That day when being a make-up artist made it to the top of your to-be list.

When I look back today and I think of how exciting it was to be a student of this ever growing profession. So much to learn so many avenues to explore. Somehow I wanted to be a master of all, and of course I wanted it tomorrow.

I still use that energy today 15 years later. I try to keep a positive attitude about how much I have learned but also try to keep the excitement of the student. I am always eager to learn and grow with our ever-changing

At this point I feel it is important for all of us who have been around for a bit to help those who are students. I always admired Dick Smith’s philosophy of sharing knowledge and help make the next generation of make-up artists that much better.

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-Christopher Mills