Premiere Orlando

The boys from Frends Beauty and Stilazzi are coming to the Premiere Orlando show this year! We’re going to have The Diva case, the #1 case for hair professionals, available on sale for everyone! Make sure you drop by booth 2472 and say hi!



Frends Beauty IMATS Los Angeles 2013 – Easter Egg Hunt


See these two creepers? That’s Matt and Paul, and they are the Frends Beauty Easter Eggs at IMATS Los Angeles. Want a chance to WIN some goodies at the show? Follow us on Twitter at @stilazzi and @frendsbeauty and set your alarm to check Twitter on Saturday and Sunday at the show at 11am / 1:30pm / 4:00pm. We will tell you which one you need to find walking around the show, and what you need to say…and the first person who does, will win a prize (set bags? makeup brushes? eyelashes?). You’ll have six chances to win, so be on the lookout for us! See you at the show! (Frends Beauty Booth 519)

Did you click through from Facebook?

If you did, I love you, seriously…because that was embarrassing.

Anyway, we’re having a BIG End of the World Sale here at Frends Beauty on Saturday, 12/15. Doors open at 9am and close at 6pm, and any time in between you should be here saving 10% – 60% on almost everything in the store.

Too far away to drive in? No worries, I (Matt) will take your order by email that Saturday. It might take me a few days to get back to you due to sheer volume of orders but email me the list of products you need and the address they need to be shipped to at, and I will honor the sale price on the items so long as the initial email is received on Saturday.

Now I am going to go drink whiskey and lift some weights after singing that Facebook post out in my head to make sure it flowed well…


Get a Stilazzi case at IMATS Sydney 2012

Ok we will get right to the point with this one. For many reasons, Australians tend to pay far too much money for their makeup needs. That said, while it is costing us a ton of money to exhibit at IMATS in Sydney this year…we’re doing it for the love of the industry. We are bringing a limited number of Stilazzi professional makeup cases with us. If you live in Australia and have ever wanted to get your hands on a Stilazzi case…now is your chance. No shipping, no customs, no huge taxes, no wait. But you HAVE to hurry and run over to the Frends booth on Saturday morning because they will all sell out, and they will sell out fast. When they are gone, they are GONE. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Makeup Show Europe – 2012

The folks at The Makeup Show began a trend where show attendees and exhibitors make pictures holding signs that say who they are, and to meet them at the show. Being the habitual line steppers we are, we decided we’re going to one-up this for every show. We started with The Makeup Show NYC 2012, and just finished out The Makeup Show Europe masterpiece.


Also, the first runner up…

See you all there! Be sure to come by booth 234 for champagne and good times!

The Makeup Show Europe 2012

September 22nd & 23rd – STATION-BERLIN